If you’ve ever wanted to see inmates in action…

Something came through my email inbox at work that I thought was a little strange. Inmates at the minimum-security prison in town are performing an adapation of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast. Details are below…

William Head on Stage is proud to present its 50th production in its 30th year: Gormenghast, a stage adaptation by John Constable of Mervyn Peake’s classic fantasy trilogy.  Gormenghast is directed by local director, actor and producer Ian Case (Elephant Man, Macbeth, Waiting for Godot, Richard III). Gormenghast is a magical show delving into the genius one of English literatures undisputed fantasy classics.  Mervyn Peake received the Heinermann Prize for Literature.

Gormenghast tells the story of a kingdom determined to remain untouched by change and time.  “No Change!” is the motto of the kingdom’s strange and wonderful denizens.  Gormenghast itself is a gargantuan castle, filled with nooks and secret passages, dungeons and unknown turrets.  But time has worn down the walls and the inhabitants of the castle.  Inevitable change comes in the form of two young men: Titus Groan, the 77th Earl of Groan who dreads the life of ritual forced upon him; and Steerpike, a nasty and ambitious young man who wheedles his way into the Castle Kitchen where he begins a murderous campaign to topple the Groan family and all they hold dear.

Gormenghast features a cast of 9 inmate actors and 3 local actresses.  Ingrid Hansen (Chalk!, Pretty Little Instincts, Little Orange Man), Kate Rubin (The Importance of Being Earnest, Macbeth, The Fall of the House of Usher), and Michelle Chowns (The Cursed Cabaret of Kelowna Day Taylor) bring the women of Gormenghast to life.

Gormenghast runs October 14 through November 12.  Performance dates are:  October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, November 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 and 12.  Gates open to the public at 6pm and close at 7:30, the performance will begin shortly after 7:30.  No latecomers will be admitted.

Tickets are $20 each and are available at the following outlets:

  • My Chosen Café – 4480 Happy Valley Road – 250-474-2332
  • Ticket Rocket (online, by phone or in person) #2-1609 Blanshard Street, 250-383-2663, www.ticketrocket.org

WHOS is located inside a Federal Institution.  No persons under the age of 19 will be admitted.  You may be electronically scanned.  Money, wallets, purses, cell phones cannot be taken into the institution, as well as tobacco products, lighters, etc and must be locked in your vehicle or locker provided.

For more information please contact Stan or Mike at the WHOS Office 250-391-7078

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