Vancouver Foodster Chili Challenge accepted

The Meatery chili

The Oaxacan Chili was the winner of the Chili Challenge 2015. Photos by Benjamin Yong.


During the month of January, Vancouver Foodster hosted the first Chili Challenge, showcasing the best chili creations by 11 restaurants across the Lower Mainland. I was among a panel of four media judges evaluating the spicy samples offered up by the different establishments and the results were released yesterday. Here are the official winners:

1) Oaxacan Chili ($7.50 @ The Meatery, 3108 Edgemont Blvd.)

Oaxacan Chili

Highlights: six different types of chili peppers, mexican beef and pork chorizo, peanut crema, salsa verde, mango

2) Chili Island ($15 @ Morocco West, 795 Jervis St.)

Chili Island

Highlights: beef and lamb merguez, taktouka, cucumber yogurt, in-house-made fried bread “island”

3) Turkey Chili ($5.50 @ Truffle Fine Foods Cafe, 5151 Oak St.)

Turkey Chili

Highlights: generous helping of serrano and pasilla chili peppers, tangy cilantro kaffir lime yogurt

Some of the other entries:

The Rinnegato ($10.99 @ Cioffi’s Cucina, 4150 East Hastings St.)

The Rinnegato

Highlights: grilled skirt steak, served in a homemade bread bowl, topped with a poached egg

Chef Jon’s 5 Alarm Chili ($7 @ Personas Restaurant, 4331 Dominion St.)

Chef Jon's 5 Alarm Chili

Highlights: chili slow cooked for six hours, sprinkled with shredded cheese blend and green onions, fresh baked jalapeno corn bread

Frog Chili ($8 @ The Frog & Nightgown, 1125 Falcon Dr.)

Frog Chili

Highlights: hearty, classic-style chili, topped with lots of cheese, served with a baguette

Butternut Squash Winter Chili ($12 @ ABODE Restaurant, 1223 Robson St.)

Butternut Squash Winter Chili

Highlights: vegetarian, blend of butternut squash and assorted root vegetables, chipotle spice, served in a locally-made sourdough bread bowl

Chili Con Carne del Pato ($8 @ The Baker and The Chef

Chili Con Carne del Pato

Highlights: made with duck confit and tomatillo, optional egg yolk, house-made pretzel stick

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