Armor All’s 2018 portable detailing lineup

armor all cleaning lineup 2018

Car care specialists Armor All have done it again: for 2018, they have released a series of one-step exterior cleaning solutions, and the key is convenience. From wheel wipes to bug and tar remover, the offerings are each highly portable and allow easy mobile detailing on the spot. We’ve picked out our favourites from the brand new batch here below, and included a couple of classics as well.

armor all rim cleaning wipes

Rim Cleaning Wipes

Nothing is as annoying after a fresh car wash than seeing your pretty wheels almost immediately get tarnished by dirt and brake dust. Armor All’s 16-pack of Rim Cleaning Wipes come to the rescue. Simply peel up the re-sealable tab, grab a wipe and remove the grime where necessary without using a bucket or hose.

armor all tire & trim shine sponges

Tire & Trim Sponges

You can make your vehicle gleam as much as you want, but it will all be for nought if the tires are dull and brown. Sure, tire foam is a solution, however who enjoys the mess it leaves afterwards? Instead, try the Tire & Trim Sponges. Pre-moistened and individually sealed, the sponges are designed for precise application to any exterior black rubber or plastic bringing back colour minus the overspray on body panels. There are eight in a box — one is good for a complete set of rollers plus trim.

armor all extreme bug & tar remover

Extreme Bug & Tar Remover

Summertime equals bug and roadwork season. The best way to remedy the insect graveyard and pesky black asphalt dots on the front of your ride is using the new and improved Extreme Bug & Tar Remover. Specially formulated to prevent stripping away wax covered paint surfaces, just spray on, let sit for a few moments and gently rub away with a clean cloth.

armor all glass & gps wipes

Glass & GPS Wipes

Say goodbye to hazy, fingerprint-covered windows, rear-view mirrors and infotainment displays. These special wipes are free of the abrasive ingredients found in common household cleaners and are safe for use on delicate electronic screens. Apply to all glass surfaces and once dry will be left clear and streak-free.

armor all original protectant wipes

Original Protectant Wipes

The product that started it all, the Armor All Original Protectant Wipes are now available in both canister and handy soft pouch form. Perfect for keeping in a glove box or door pocket, these are the same as the wipes people know and love, only with more compact packaging. Grab one to shine up and protect plastic, vinyl and rubber in the interior.

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