Get your motorcycle ready for a season of memorable trips

motorcycle rider

In much of the country it’s been a hot summer so far, perfect to get out the old two and three wheelers. And no we don’t mean Wagon Wheelies or your 10 speed bicycle. We are talking about the bike with the horsepower and throaty sounding engine that means summer for many road warriors. Touring back roads, ripping up straightaways or going on extended tours, travelling on a bike is not quite the same as piling into the car for a road trip.

“Whether cruising for pleasure or purpose, you need to be prepared when you head out on a motorcycle,” said Megan Currie, marketing manager for Armor All and STP. “You want your bike running well, sounding right and looking amazing, both when you leave home and when you reach your destination.”

When heading out on your motorcycle, Armor All and STP offer the following tips for safety, protection and, quite frankly, vanity to ensure your two-wheeled eye candy draws stares. Best of all, these items will fit nicely in saddlebags to be there when you need them without requiring you to wear a backpack or fannypack.

Small first-aid kit

Put some bandages, polysporin, cotton swabs, antihistamines, pain killers and wet wipes in a small ziplock bag, just in case. If you catch a piece of road grit in the face or knuckles, you will be happy you have it. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Riding the pavement means UVA and UVB rays are even more concentrated.

A compact tool kit

If you have some minor mechanical difficulties on the road, you’ll be thankful to have this along. Make sure this includes a tire repair kit and small air compressor.

Wash and wax wipes

There is a lot of dust on the road, and when you reach your destination your bike will be showing evidence of every mile you travelled. Wash and wax wipes enable you to wash your bike anytime, anywhere without the need of a hose and bucket. Add a microfiber cloth for any other spills smears.

A rain suit

Riding in the rain is not fun. But you also have no control over Mother Nature. When the heavens open up in the middle of a ride, it is nice to be able to pull on waterproof pants and jacket to protect you from the elements.

Fuel treatment

You put premium gasoline in your prized vehicle because it has higher octane and leads to better performance. A special octane booster cleans, lubricates and protects your entire fuel system while delivering maximum horsepower. Use some at each fill up.

“This summer’s forecast is looking ideal for a lot of good riding,” says Currie. “Be prepared, and have a safe and fun season on the road.”

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