Yokohama Canada launches new motorsports documentary Shaving Seconds

The Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada is something Yokohama is close to, being a sponsor since 2010 and outfitting the participating machines with high performance rubber. The brand is seeking to connect enthusiasts to racing culture in new ways, particularly via various online channels, and has just released a new mini-documentary to that end.

“We are excited to take our brand activity on social media to the next level,” says Diana Colosimo, Brand Development Manager for Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc. “The Shaving Seconds‘ initiative will further position our brand as a storyteller in a maturing social-age.”

shaving seconds documentary yokohama canada

Shaving Seconds lets viewers immerse themselves into the story, through the lens of the iconic race series, and discover why the drivers, coaches, engineers, mechanics and designers do what they do. Besides the mini-doc, fans can visit Yokohama’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to get exclusive live access and behind-the scenes content, as well as a peek at a photography series pushing race car photographers to shoot beyond the vehicle.

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