Special message in Letter from Santa Claus still rings true

letter from sanata claus robin jones cover

Although the holidays are officially over, the heart-warming message of overcoming adversity — a particularly relevant theme given everything that happened in 2020 — continues to resonate in the children’s book, Letter from Santa Clause by Robin Jones.

In it, the B.C.-based first-time published author draws on his own experience where, as a youngster in 1949, he received a special reply from Santa in December while hospitalized with pneumonia. The note talks about the origin of elves and reindeer, and the many requests from other kids all around the world.

Shortly after, the boy in the story, much like Jones in real life, experiences a miraculous recovery and returns home just in time for Christmas.

letter from sanata claus robin jones back cover

“With so many people in hospitals around the world this holiday season, I want to reach people with my story to spread optimism and Christmas cheer,” said the 78-year-old Jones. “I want children who are reading this book to understand that all children around the world matter.”

Diversity is another issue Jones, who is biracial, calls attention to. Although he doesn’t specifically address his ethnicity in words, it is reflected in the beautiful artwork by Mar Randos depicting the boy’s black father and white mother.

The 21-page softcover book is an easy read and is perfect as bedtime tale for the little ones, illustrating that with a little love, hope and Christmas spirit, anything is possible.

Jones is a father of six children and lives in Victoria. Letter from Santa Claus is available now at Amazon.ca.

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