2021 Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Wagon review

  • 2021 mercedes-amg e 63 s wagon front
  • 2021 mercedes-amg e 63 s wagon front quarter
  • 2021 mercedes-amg e 63 s wagon rear quarter
  • 2021 mercedes-amg e 63 s wagon top
  • 2021 mercedes-amg e 63 s wagon taillight
  • 2021 mercedes-amg e 63 s wagon fender badge
  • 2021 mercedes-amg e 63 s wagon interior

The perfect vehicle doesn’t exi… actually wait, it does and it’s called the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Wagon. This part sports car, part people carrier has just received a mid-cycle makeover not only improving upon aesthetics but gains a number of aerodynamic improvements as well.

Low, long and sleek like a shark, the automaker says the new front end is actually inspired by aeronautics. More specifically, the lower apron section comprised of three huge air intakes and integrated splitter features a jet-wing design to gobble up cool air and increase downforce. Above, the AMG grille with upright slats and oversized central star is just stunning.

Similarly, the re-shaped rear apron and diffuser, housing the signature quad trapezoidal tailpipes, help reduce drag. The wind-cheating improvements don’t stop there. Even the 20-inch split-spoke wheels, finished in a cool high-gloss tantalum grey colour, have a special wide aero rim edge to cut through air resistance.

Elsewhere, the LED MULTIBEAM headlamps are not as angled compared to previously and possess a single rather than dual daytime running light strip. And if the vehicle seems wider, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you — the wheel arches are 27 millimetres more flared to accommodate a greater track width and the larger alloys.

As before, an absolute beast of an engine powers the E 63 S: the 603-horse, 627 lb-ft of torque 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8.  Whatever the state of the dynamic exhaust, which drivers can open or close its electronic internal baffles via a centre console button, the mill absolutely roars when the gas pedal is pressed and can rocket the car from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

The manually operable 9-speed automatic transmission, huge six-piston front brakes and 4MATIC all-wheel drive make cornering just as fun as going in a straight line. And let’s not forget the practicality aspect — this is a wagon, after all — five occupants can be seated comfortably and there’s 640 litres of cargo space behind the rear seats. That’s easily enough for two folded inflatable paddleboards.

In other words, what SUV? If you’ve got a family to haul, quarter-mile times to beat and $131,000 burning a hole in your pocket, go test drive one today.

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