The Fatal Raid revives Asian action cinema of old

the fatal raid blu-ray

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned Hong Kong police shoot-‘em-up? Released just last week on Blu-ray and DVD, including a choice of English subtitles or dubbed into English from Cantonese, The Fatal Raid represents a revival of the “girls with guns” sub-genre of Asian action cinema.

Originally hitting theatres in 2019 across the Pacific, Well Go USA is bringing this cops vs. gangsters flick to North American audiences on the small screen. The story revolves around Inspector Tam (played by Patrick Tam Yiu-man who has made appearances in the Ip Man franchise) and Madam Fong (Jade Leung), a pair of high-ranking Hong Kong police staff working a top secret case in Macau that goes terribly wrong during a shootout where Fong nearly kills a colleague in the process.

Fast-forward 20 years later and the two find themselves back in Macau on an escort mission, with new fresh-faced fellow female officers in tow, which forces them to face the past once more when things again go sideways.

While visually the film is impressive featuring lots of bullets and bodies flying, some in Matrix-esque slow motion style — the story jumps all over the place and is hard to follow with an unexpected amount of exposition. A certain level of disbelief is required for the Stormtrooper-like aim both the officers and gunmen have in close quarter combat. One also has to question the women’s choice of clothing, or lack thereof, for field duty.

That said, any return to the genre is a welcome one and fans of pretty women packing high-calibre weaponry should be pleased. Available now on Amazon.

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