The Bad Guys is an animated heist flick for the whole family

Hollywood’s latest heist caper film doesn’t star Brad Pitt, or have “Ocean’s” in its name. It’s rather a product of DreamWorks Animation showcasing an all-new cast of a group of talking animals, fond of the five-finger discount and living in the L.A., who get into all sorts of mishaps and adventures. And the movie is available now on digital, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and DVD.

The plot focuses on a band of thieving misfits that eventually attempt to go straight, voiced by familiar celebs including Ms. Spider (Awkwafina), Mr. Shark (Craig Robinson) and Mr. Wolf (Sam Rockwell). The idea isn’t a new for the genre or even the studio — think 2010’s Megamind) — but the fact the flick isn’t of the superhero persuasion is refreshing in the modern age of cinema.

Viewers should enjoy the unique animation style with almost a hand-drawn 3-D comic book aesthetic, which looks absolutely fantastic in high definition. This is especially evident in the action scenes, like when the gang robs a bank and attempts to perform a classic getaway via car.

One thing the picture does particularly well is carefully blending in grown-up themes so the PG-rated title (drawing inspiration from the best-selling eponymous series of Scholastic graphic novels by Aaron Blabey) is equally entertaining for adults and older kids alike.

Buyers get all sorts of goodies including some bonus content starring the main roster in an exclusive digital short called “Maraschino Ruby;” five deleted scenes; “Devise the Plan” Making the Bad Guys” where the cast and crew talk about the process of taking the story from the page to the big screen; “Assemble the Crew;” featuring actors bringing the aforementioned trio as well as Mr. Piranha (Anthony Ramos) and Mr. Snake (Marc Maron) to life; and much more.

Pickup The Bad Guys now at Amazon or Best Buy. Want to win a free copy? Make sure you’re subscribed and send us a message listing your favourite character in the subject for your chance at a complimentary 4K disc.  

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