These two subscription meal delivery brands ensure people and pets eat equally well

Eating healthy and saving time are two things that rarely go together. However, subscription-based meal delivery plans are changing this — even for pets. Here are two Canadian-based brands under the ethey umbrella using fresh organic ingredients to create tasty cuisine both humans and furry companions can enjoy, available across the country.


LiveFit employs local in-house chefs, each with his or her own unique culinary style, cooking up nourishing dishes full of vegetables, meat, fish nuts and seeds and smaller amounts of grains and dairy. Carrying breakfast and snacks as well, its lunch and dinner options ($13.99 to $15.99 each) are the most popular. And deservedly so, as they’re delicious. Simply browse the menu, set a delivery date between Tuesday and Thursday (or on Sunday if in Ontario) and checkout.

Similar to other such services, orders arrive stacked in an insulated cardboard box and contain frozen biodegradable gel packs to prevent spoilage. Unfortunately, there’s no customization offered to accommodate various allergies so contact customer support before purchasing. Simply remove the sleeve and put in the microwave for two to four minutes, or preferably in the oven eight to 10 minutes at 350°F to preserve moistness.

Below are a couple of standouts from the current lineup.

Thai Turkey Bowl

Ground turkey is tossed in a ginger and garlic gochujang (red chili paste) that’s not too saucy or spicy, sprinkled with sesame seeds and accompanied by a side of sliced zucchini and carrots and fluffy jasmine rice.

Tender Beef Mac ‘n Cheese

This dish doesn’t need much explanation other than the macaroni is just the right amount of creamy, and the roast beef smothered above is oh so tender and juicy. A few broccoli florets add some colour and variety.

Puppy Gang Fresh Foods

Also based in the Greater Toronto Area, the creation of Puppy Gang Fresh Foods was the result of two animal nutritionists who wanted their pets to live longer lives by having them eat as well as their owners. Specializing in human-grade, nutrient-rich whole dog food (yes, the product resembles a person’s meal) the ethical and eco-focused company utilizes reusable packaging and one per cent of all sales go to dog rescue agencies.

Consumers are able to buy portions in a monthly bundle of at least seven and up to 30. Each serving ($11.97) is 464 grams, no prep is needed and can be eaten in one sitting or used as a supplement/topper. For the former a good guideline is one quarter to one half of a serving per 10 pounds of weight. Wondering what’s in it? Well the meats are hormone and anti-biotic free, and some common ingredients include digestion-aiding ginger and anti-inflammatory turmeric.

Two highlights:

Zesty Rosemary Chicken

Packing chicken, chicken liver, eggs, butternut squash, sweet potato and much more, the Zesty Rosemary Chicken is protein, vitamin and mineral rich and sure to leave four-legged friends asking for seconds.

Fisherman’s Catch

The Fisherman’s Catch is a pescatarian’s delight, featuring healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids thanks to the generous helping of salmon alongside eggs, peas, spinach and green lentils. The flax seeds mixed in is another source of omega-3 and fibre, too.

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