Would you like that delivered to your home, office or Volvo?

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There’s nothing more annoying than eagerly awaiting a package, and then having it sit at the depot for a week before you’re able to find time to pick it up. With Volvo’s new “Roam Delivery” service, that could be a thing of the past.

Using their new digital key technology, Volvo owners can choose their vehicle as a delivery option when ordering goods or even food online. They will then be notified via their smartphone or tablet when the delivery company is ready to drop something off, or even perform a pickup. He or she then provides the company with a one-time use digital key, and can track when the car door is opened and locked again after the transaction is complete. The service is based off of the Volvo On Call app that also features other functionality such as viewing the vehicle’s location on a map or checking it’s fuel tank level.

“Because failed first-time deliveries cost the industry an estimated one billion euros in re-delivering costs, we are now further investigating the technology of digital keys and new consumer benefits linked to it,” said Klas Bendrik of Volvo Car Group in a news release.

The service will debut at the 2014 Mobile World Congress, an annual mobile industry event held in Barcelona.

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