Flip the script with MicFlip reversible micro USB cable

Winnergear MicFlip 2.0 packaging

The MicFlip by mobile accessory producer Winnergear is one of those simple yet effective products you can’t believe you didn’t think of first. Advertised as the world’s first fully reversible micro USB cable, it does exactly what it sounds — allows you to plug the cable into your device regardless of orientation. That’s right, no more fumbling on top of your nightstand before bed trying to complete what should be as easy a task as charging your phone or tablet.

Winnergear MicFlip micro USB plug

The beauty of the product is both ends are reversible, so even plugging in the Type A side plug into the computer or power adapter is a no-brainer. Officially known as the MicFlip 2.0, this is the second version of the original design that used a standard Type A connection, raising over $200,000 on crowdfunding site Indiegogo last year.

Winnergear MicFlip micro USB connectors

There’s not a whole lot to say about Winnergear’s latest offering other than it works, and works well. The company sent us a product sample and we found the build quality to be top-notch, featuring corrosion-resistant gold coated connectors (which fit cleanly and securely), aluminum housings and a tangle-free red nylon braided cord. Its two-metre length is plenty long enough so, for example, you could have your phone sit comfortably on a desk while plugged into an outlet on the floor.

Winnergear MicFlip micro USB plugged in

The Mic Flip 2.0 is available now for $19.99 USD on the Winnergear website with free international shipping.



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