International Design Show returns to Vancouver for 14th year

ids vancouver 2018 sign

The Interior Design Show (IDS) Vancouver 2018 is in full swing right now, running today until 5 p.m. at Vancouver Convention Centre West. Entering its 14th year, IDS Vancouver is the place to be to browse the latest avant-garde furniture and products from the hottest designers, or simply let your eyes feast on the dazzling displays.

I attended the opening night party on Thursday night and browsed the show floor — here are some standouts.

ids vancouver 2018 central bar

Central Bar

This intimate bar is surrounded by 392 sheets of local pine plywood built by Origins CNC and Vancouver-based studio Leckie Studio. The eye-catching structure combines solid, open, vertical and horizontal concepts and everything is held together with an interlocking system rather than adhesives.

ids vancouver 2018 vip lounge

VIP Lounge

A quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the event, the VIP Lounge is the brainchild of Seattle interior designer Michelle Dirkse. Featuring an aesthetic using her own textile and wallpaper lines created in collaboration with Pacific Northwest artists from both the U.S. and Canada.

ids vancouver 2018 bistro and wine bar

Bistro and Wine Bar

One of the most entertaining booths at IDS Vancouver is the Kim Crawford Wine Sampling Bar is nestled inside the show’s main bistro. At five different stations, participants take turns smelling vials to try and guess the bouquet unique to various varietals. They then are able to sample the wine, thus joining the link between aroma and taste.

ids vancouver 2018 telus future home

Telus Future Home

A thinly veiled sales presentation for TELUS’ PureFibre optic Internet and TV service, the exhibit is nevertheless a neat experience. A guide takes guests on a short tour through what a TELUS-powered Future Home might look like complete with a food nutrition scanner, smart fridge and stovetop and facial recognition door lock.

Tickets are available online at $16 for adults, $12 for seniors. Here’s a preview of some more things you can see at IDS Vancouver 2018.

show floor ids vancouver 2018 sail ids vancouver 2018 table ids vancouver 2018 neon ids vancouver 2018 molo ids vancouver 2018 inflatable ids vancouver 2018 chandelier ids vancouver 2018 can't feel i ids vancouver 2018 bunny ids vancouver 2018 band

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