Tips for getting your vehicles and tools cold weather ready

acura snowy road

We are now well into autumn, and despite the colourful beauty of the changing leaves, the recent memory of Thanksgiving dinner and the kitsch of Halloween, the arrival of fall means one thing — winter is coming.

“It can be tough to get through a Canadian winter, with shortened periods of daylight, months of sub-zero temperatures and piles of snow that look great in a picture, but can be dreadful to shovel,” said Megan Currie, STP Canada director. “Without proper preparation and protection, Canadian winters can be incredibly damaging to our summertime toys and tools as they sit in storage.”

To get your vehicle ready for the upcoming blowing winds, frigid temperatures and maybe even (gasp) snow:

  • Clear out the water. Drastic shifts in temperature, from freezing cold air to an engine running hot, causes condensation. Water in your engine and fuel system can reduce your gas mileage, encourage corrosion from within or even cause your gas line to freeze. An alcohol-free water remover, like STP All Season Water Remover, will do the trick to keep your fuel system reserved for fuel.
  • Protect your engine. The STP Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment is a jack of all trades for winter car care. It will prevent oxidization, clean fuel injectors and intake valves, lower emissions, stabilize fuel and oil, protect against viscosity build up and fight freezing in your fuel lines while lubricating your engine.

Before storing your seasonal toys and tools:

  • Add protection. Those motorcycles and lawn mowers are going into the garage for a long rest. A small engine treatment will help protect what you are putting in storage while removing water, restoring performance and boosting the octane of your small engine. Look for the STP Small Engine Treatment + Octane to help protect your toys.
  • Preserve the gas. Fuel additives clean, lubricate and protect your entire fuel system. Add an STP branded treatment at every oil change to save gas, restore performance, reduce friction prevent ethanol deposits and inhibit corrosion.

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