Wake up to better skin with Skoah Dream Kream

skoah dream kream

The wait is over — the night cream of your dreams has finally arrived, and it’s made by a local company right here in Vancouver.

Skoah launched the aptly named “Dream Kream” a couple of months ago, which it says was a year-and-a-half in the making. Light and easy to apply, the moisturizer contains a blend of five key active ingredients designed to stimulate collagen production, and seriously soothe and smoothen skin while you sleep.

For example, vitamin E and ceramides moisturize and help protect skin from pollutants without causing any irritation — even for those suffering from sensitivity. Allantoin, a compound found in nature, has antioxidant properties, and together with various handpicked peptides, work to minimize fine lines and combat issues like hyperpigmentation.

Dream Kream is perfect as part of a nightly routine before going to bed. There’s no overpowering scent thanks to its natural composition, and a side benefit is a sounder snooze post-application. The next morning, wake up to a face that appears nourished and gives off a healthy glow.

skoah products

The company’s roots date back to 2001 when Skoah was a full-service spa in the downtown neighbourhood of Yaletown. In ’03 a chemist joined the team and together a small skin care line was created utilizing learnings gained by aestheticians on the job. Today, there are more than a dozen locations across Canada and in the United States.

A two-ounce jar of Dream Kream retails for $200 and is available online. There’s a wide range of other unisex products on the website like an aftershave gel, charcoal mask, lip balm and much more. I recommend the Hand Love lotion, with sea kelp algae and vitamin C, that I got to try as well — as a sufferer of perpetually dry hands, I found just a pump provided some instant relief.

Visit www.skoah.com for more information.

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