Stay productive during pandemic with free Zoho Remotely virtual remote work software

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Due to the current pandemic, it seems working remotely is here to stay for the foreseeable future. It isn’t all bad news, because many businesses and organizations are chipping in to help out with the effort, like Zoho, a cloud-based office suite offering Canadians the opportunity to ensure business continuity via free use of its software tools.

Until July 1st, Zoho Remotely, a virtual collaboration and productivity suite, will be fully available assisting companies both big and small to stay connected, like Winnipeg-based The Infotainers that specializes in live-event sales-lead generation.

“We work delivering custom presentations in our clients’ trade show booths, and one by one trade shows have been canceled leaving us with little to no income for the next four months or more. Last week, we were forced to lay off one of our employees. At the moment, we are taking extreme cost-cutting measures and many of our month-to-month subscriptions are on the chopping block,” said founder and CEO Anders Boulanger.

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“We would definitely consider our business a ‘Zoho Shop’. We will touch at least two or three Zoho applications on any single work day, so they are mission critical to our business’ long-term success. It means a lot to us that Zoho is reaching out and supporting their loyal customers. Having three months of complimentary services means that we can survive that much longer and we can put off laying off another employee.”

Apps include Cliq, a central hub facilitating the management of different audio and/or video chats, file sharing, conversion of messages to tasks and more. WorkDrive allows the creation of team drives for two-way data transmission between members and assignment of work materials, while Assist provides real-time problem solving through secure remote access to an employee’s or customer’s system. And Writer has collaborative document editing covered.

There are a total of 11 tools in the suite, and Zoho even offers free webinars to help users get the most out of the software, as well tips geared towards adjusting to working from home. Visit the website for more information.

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