Invincible Dragon review

invincible dragon blu-ray artwork

Hot off the heels of his starring role in the Ip Man series spinoff, Master Z: Ip Man Legacy, two years ago, Max Zhang returns in Invincible Dragon — a high flying, action packed whodunit just released on digital, Blu-ray and DVD.

Fans of the martial arts B movie genre should appreciate this project by indie filmmaker Fruit Chan, which experienced long delays before finally hitting the big screen in 2019. Zhang portrays Hong Kong detective un-ironically named Kowloon, traumatized following the abduction and suspected death of his fiancée Fong Ning (Stephy Tang) at the hands of a mysterious serial killer.

Zhang seems to attract crossover talent from other entertainment realms to his films: first it was wrestler Dave “The Animal” Bautista in Master Z and this time around, UFC champion Anderson Silva playing Alexander Sinclair, a formal athletic rival of Kowloon’s who is found to be tangled up in the Fong Ning tragedy.

The fight sequences and gunplay are mostly fun to watch, especially one involving the wife of Sinclair, Lady (“JuJu” Chan Yuk-wan).

There are a few issues, however, like a timeline that confusingly jumps around. Suspension of disbelief in high doses is also required for certain scenes, for example where Kowloon shoots a baddies’ hand clean off using a pistol, or when the badass nine-headed dragon tattoo covering his body literally comes alive via some questionable CGI.

A tighter narrative would have served Invincible Dragon well, along with more polished character development. That said it still makes for a good pandemic popcorn flick and deserves a watch, especially for fans of Zhang’s fast fists of fury. Pick up a copy at Amazon or Best Buy.

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