Three coolest OEM vehicle debuts from SEMA360

chevrolet 1977 k5 blazer-e

For the first time ever, SEMA goes 100 per cent online in response to the global pandemic. While many aspects of the show are obviously quite different for 2020, one thing that hasn’t changed is the cool vehicle builds revealed by OEM manufacturers such as Jeep, Toyota and Chevrolet. Here are three favourite entries from SEMA360.

greddy performance drift gr supra 2020

GReddy Performance Formula D GR Supra

It wouldn’t be SEMA without Toyota’s most popular sports car again taking centre stage. A joint project between Ken Gushi Motorsports and GReddy Performance designed for competition in the Formula Drift Series, the duo took the already capable 3.0-litre inline six cylinder engine and swapped out the stock turbo for a BorgWerner EFR 9280 unit. This special Supra sounds extra sweet while sliding sideways thanks to a Sean Adriano Racing exhaust system. Other modifications include a six-speed sequential gearbox, rear-mounted radiator and larger fuel tank.

And of course, the vehicle has to look the part, too. A full Pandem Rocket Bunny wide body kit is fitted, and aggressive Rays Gram Lights 57DR alloy wheels are stuffed underneath the widened arches. Finally, a white, red and black colour Toyota Gazoo Racing colour scheme finishes off the package.

mopar jeep gladiator top dog concept

MOPAR Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Concept

In-house FCA tuner MOPAR has put together the ultimate truck for mountain bike enthusiasts. Using a mixture of exclusive Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) and custom accessories, the concept expands the Gladiator’s cargo carrying capacity even further replacing the standard box with a special PCOR flatbed storage system. There are pull-out drawers and shelving for tools and supplies on one side, and the other, a battery-powered refrigerator and even a hot dog grill for nourishment between trail runs.

To get riders where they need to go, ride height is increased via a JPP two-inch lift kit boasting FOX shocks, 37-inch BF Goodrich KM3 mud-terrain tires and steel “high-top” fender flares providing additional clearance.

sema chevrolet performance k5 blazer e

1977 K5 Blazer-E

With a past and present lineup of models like the Chevrolet Volt, Cadillac ELR and Chevrolet Bolt, General Motors has been on the forefront of automotive electrification for quite some time. The company now takes a step back and forward at the same time by introducing an original Chevy Blazer converted into a pure EV. Gone is the factory 175-horsepower V8 and three-speed automatic transmission, in their place the motor from the aforementioned Bolt producing 200 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque and an electronically-controlled four-speed automatic.

For those wanting to turn their own vintage car or truck into a zero-emissions vehicle, next year GM will sell a similarly-spec’d 60 kilowatt-hour Electric Connect and Cruise Package that consumers can have installed at select certified Chevrolet dealers and aftermarket shops.

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