Top three reveals from BMW NEXTGen 2020 digital edition

bmw nextgen 2020 graphic

Held for the first time last year in Munich, BMW #NEXTGen is not your typical car show, but a platform for the German luxury manufacturer to showcase its take on the future of mobility. Due to the global pandemic, the event took on a digital form this year, which is perhaps fitting given the subject matter. Here is news of three exciting products that came out this week.

bmw motorrad definition ce 04

BMW Motarrad Definition CE 04

Challenging the definition of a modern-day scooter, the CE 04 is purely electric and designed for urban commuting — to and from the office or out to dinner, for example — with a maximum range of 12 kilometres. The minimalist two-wheeler features a low-slung design, floating seat, C-shaped LED headlights and side storage that can be used to store a helmet and other equipment. A flat battery pack is mounted at the bottom creating a low centre of gravity for optimal handling.

mini vision urbanaut interior teaser

MINI Vision Urbanaut

As the actual car won’t be officially debuted for another week, #NEXTGen shared an abstract visual of the interior for the upcoming zero emissions concept titled the MINI Vision Urbanaut. The reason it looks more like a living room than a vehicle cabin is purposeful: when stationary, the driver can lower the dashboard into a “daybed” and open the windshield upwards for some fresh air. As for materials used? Think recycled and cruelty-free.

the first bmw ix


The BMW iX, formerly known as the Vision iNEXT, gets one step closer to its market launch at the end of 2021. The futuristic Sports Activity Vehicle, wearing a vertical interpretation of the iconic kidney grille, utilizes a fifth-generation BMW eDrive powertrain generating 500-plus horsepower and capable of travelling over 600 kilometres on a single charge. The crossover is also 5G ready with the most advanced automated driving and parking functions seen yet.

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