Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is intellectual science fiction fun

What’s perhaps even more impressive than Beyond the Infinite Two minutes is director Junta Yamaguchi’s feature debut, is the fact he shot the entire production with — wait for it — an iPhone.

And not just that, but this cerebral Japanese science fiction comedy, which has been widely praised while working the international film festival circuit before being released to streaming platforms this month, was filmed at a single location in Kyoto.

The premise sounds fairly simple at first: café owner Kato, played by Kazunari Tosa, returns to his small apartment above the business after closing for the night. Just as he’s about to jam solo on his guitar, he inexplicably sees himself on the screen of his iMac giving a message, “I’m the future me. Two minutes in the future.”

Following a brief exercise led by the virtual Kato to confirm his bold claim, it’s established that the monitor downstairs is somehow linked to his bedroom’s computer.

However, things start to get complicated when his friends show up, and subsequently attempt to manipulate space-time for personal gain. This is accomplished by dragging the iMac (presumably possessing an infinitely long power cord) into the café so that the two screens are facing each other creating a so-called Droste effect allowing the protagonists to see infinitely into the future, albeit in two-minute increments.

The picture eventually takes an unexpectedly dark turn, and requires some suspension of disbelief as low budget inter-dimensional police show up to put an end to Kato and company’s escapades.

Definitely not your usual sci-fi fare, the delightful, high-energy cast of primarily theatre actors really makes the movie. Beyond the Infinite Two minutes is a fun way to spend 70 minutes and whets the appetite for what else Yamaguchi may cook up for his next project. Watch it now on YouTube, Google Play or Apple TV.

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