Chinese electronics maker INNOCN releases high resolution 4K monitor for the masses

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  • innocn_27c1u macbook

While the 2020s so far is not the smoothest decade ever due to the ongoing global pandemic, a silver lining of current times is how attainable electronics have become — such as the new INNOCN 27C1U 27-inch 4K monitor.

Outputting true ultra-HD at a maximum 3840 x 2160 resolution, the display is quite unique in its construction. Before we get into performance, lets talk about the VESA-compliant stand. It’s packaged separately in the box — which by the way is comically humongous — and clicks/screws into place without the need for any tools.

Appearing rather utilitarian in design, the arm features both a hole for cable management and quite an ingenious sliding and swivelling mechanism allowing super-easy height and tilt adjustment, as well as converting to and from landscape and portrait orientation (includes built-in gravity sensor).  

Aesthetically the unit as a whole likely won’t win any awards for styling as its encased primarily in black plastic, but the frame-less bezel looks clean, if on the thicker side compared to some others on the market. Understandable, however, given the reasonable price point.

Hidden behind the unit are a variety of inputs: USB A to C, two HDMI, DisplayPort, and a 3.5-millimetre audio jack. All cables, except HDMI, are bundled. This covers virtually all the bases from hooking up a legacy or contemporary computer to the latest gaming console, as the 27C1U features a pair of discreet five-watt speakers within the housing. One observation is the downward-facing ports can make plugging and unplugging difficult at times in tight spaces.

Connecting the monitor to a MacBook Pro was seamless, and the colours really do seem to pop more thanks to high dynamic range capability and it covering an advertised 96 per cent of the film-and-television-industry-approved DCI-P3 colour gamut space. Playing high quality YouTube videos, for example, translates into quite a vibrant experience.

Like other products in the Chinese company’s lineup, low blue light technology reduces eyestrain over long periods of use. The large 27-inch real estate allows many apps to be open simultaneously and visible on screen, especially helpful for photo/video editing and researching tasks, and for me personally is enough to replace two smaller displays helping to reduce desk clutter.

The INNOCN 27C1U launches today on for a price of $479.99 US. For a limited time, use coupon code 27C1U2022 to receive $90 off.

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