Welcome summer with Emiliana Adobe Reserva Rose organic wine

Make every day Rosé Day in the coming summer with a glass or three of Emiliana Adobe Reserva organic wine straight from Rapel Valley in Chile.

One of the largest winemaking regions in the country responsible for 25 per cent of all domestic product, this particular vegan 2021 rosé — which has been aged three months in stainless steel tanks — benefits from the fertile soils in the area as a result of the brand’s organic vineyard management. An instant fruity aroma hits the nose and after the initial couple of sips, hints of berries presents present themselves.

With a fresh, crisp taste and minimal acidity, the easy-drinking Adobe Reserva is perfectly at home next to a plate of seafood or accompanying a healthy selection of soft cheeses (think of the Bs like Boursin and Brie and some crackers, or cream cheese on a lox bagel). Of course, simply enjoying a pour by itself sitting on the patio on a warm day is perfectly acceptable as well. The distinctive pale pink finish provided by the maceration process looks especially lovely in the sunlight.

Emiliana says the organic wines produced on the company’s 1,000-plus hectares of land “are made preserving the natural balance of life, helping to maintain the environment for the future.” Sold in more than 50 countries including Canada, a bottle of the rosé retails between $13 and $16.

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