Palladium Boots review: Pampa Sport Twill and Oxford Low

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Few footwear companies can claim that they’ve been in business since the 1920s, with a background in aircraft tire manufacturing. That’s the true story of European-based Palladium Boots, which now operates in 23 countries in with stores in Canada, Asia and even South Africa.

Selling product in such differing climate zones is why Palladium offers so many styles of boots. They even carry a few lines suitable for the warmer western Canadian winters where rain is a far bigger possibility than snow, like the new men’s Pampa Sport Twill Collection ($85) and the women’s Pampa Oxfords Low Profile Collection ($70) available this spring.

Palladium Sport Twill men's boots

Pampa Sport Twill

Athletic inspired with a touch of street, the Sport TW is an ankle boot made with cotton twill canvas on the outside and Dri-Lex lining on the inside, a specialized fabric designed to wick moisture from your feet when the temperature rises. Most importantly it’s lightweight, so you can really wear these all fall-winter-spring-long without worrying about sweaty, constricted feet or looking like you’re one season behind.

Palladium Sport Twill men's boots sole

The sample I reviewed came in black with matching laces and contrast thick one-piece rubber soles filled with an EVA sponge material, providing comfortable cushioning and excellent shock absorption. I ran down the street in these and it nearly felt like I was wearing sneakers rather than boots. Exterior branding is kept smart and minimal with a woven label on the tongue and top of the ankle area, and some raised lettering behind the heel.

The whole look of the Pampa Sport TW is clean and understated, and go great with almost anything you pair it with. Wear them with jeans for a casual, dressed down look, or with dark wool pants and a button-front shirt when you head to the office on a chilly morning.

Palladium Pampa Oxford Low Profile boots

Pampa Oxford Low Profile

For spring 2015, Palladium is updating its Oxfords with the Low Profile Collection, a streamlined, more feminine take on the classic model featuring a deeper opening, reduced eyelets and shorter laces.

Made from cotton canvas inside and out, like the Pampa Sport, the Oxfords also have thick one-piece rubber soles with EVA sponge fillers that provide a soft, springy step and good traction on most terrain. Palladium says the low-cut boot is a great choice for everyday city exploration, which is better than any description I could come up with.

Palladium Pampa Oxford Low Profile sole

Unlike the standard lineup that comes in bold, bright colours, the Low Profiles are offered in a variety of neutral and pastel shades that make it easy to match an outfit to.

Keep an eye out on for upcoming spring and summer designs about to hit the shelves. To purchase locally, Palladium products are offered in stores including Hudson’s Bay, Little Burgundy, J2 Fashions, Soft Moc, Below the Belt and many more. Visit the website for a complete list.

palladium boots logo liner

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