Tips for using a car shipping service for the first time

luxury car shipping

Most of the time, you’ll get your car from Point A to Point B the old-fashioned way — by driving it. But there are many situations in which driving your car may not be possible or practical.

Whether you’re traveling overseas, purchasing a classic car from an auction or moving across the country, you may not be able to get behind the wheel of your car. Still, you need to get it to another location — so what do you do?

That’s when hiring a car shipping service can make a lot of sense. A professional car transport service can take the hassle out of getting your car to its destination, but it’s a specialized service and a process that takes some research to understand.

The accompanying guide provides some important information you should know when choosing and using a car transport service — especially for the first time. It will provide tips on how to comparison shop, help you understand which types of carriers are involved, and provide insight into scheduling and insurance options.

You have enough to worry about when traveling, moving or needing transport assistance, so it can make sense and give you peace of mind knowing trusted professionals are handling your vehicle.

Created by Stateway Auto Transport.

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