Three tech gift ideas for Father’s Day

wrapped present

Father’s day is just around the corner — here are three gift ideas for the tech-loving dad in your life.

msi ps42 laptop lid

MSi PS42

For the uninitiated, Micro-Star International (MSi for short) is a Taiwanese technology company well known for producing gaming computers. Last year, the brand released a couple of sleek laptops — for the first time aimed at non-gamers — under its Prestige line. Measuring a mere 15.9 millimetres thick with a weight of 1.19 kilograms and boasting a brushed aluminum lid, the PS42, sold in a number of different configurations, is made to turn heads in the coffee shop.

msi ps42 laptop

Open up the notebook and the inside looks just as slick as the exterior. The shallow but easy-to-type-on keyboard utilizes a futuristic typeface and has toggle-able white backlighting. The 14-inch IPS 1080p display is housed within an ultra-thin 5.77 millimetre bezel, and a webcam can be found nestled underneath. The track pad is on the smaller side, but will be fine for most and features an integrated fingerprint reader.

msi ps42 side view

MSi has managed to shoehorn a lot of performance in a small package. For example, a powerful eight-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16 gigabytes of ram, dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GPU and lightning quick 512-GB SSD storage. Tired of modern single-port machines? Don’t worry because despite the skinny silhouette there are plenty of inputs: two USB 3.1, two USB Type-C, one combo headphone/microphone, one HDMI and one charger. A lithium-polymer battery supplies an advertised 10 hours of life, although real-world usage may be less.

CrystalView Xtreme Nano Anti-Fog Treatment

CrystalView Xtreme Nano Anti-Fog Treatment

A product of liquid protection purveyors CrystalTech Nano, this anti-fog treatment is infused into an easy to apply microfiber cloth designed to last up to six months. Simply wipe onto any type of eyewear from ski, snowboard and snorkel goggles to glasses and enjoy clear vision no matter the environment. The best part is there’s no greasy residue to buff out and the German-made formula won’t damage glass, plastic or polycarbonate lenses.

CrystalTech Nano Windshield Protector

CrystalTech Nano Windshield Protector

Similar to the offering above, CrystalTech’s Windshield Protector is perfect for rainy climates like Metro Vancouver. When used, water just beads up rolls off the glass, and as a bonus the wipers glide more efficiently thanks to the newly low-friction environment. In the winter, snow, ice and grime have a tougher time sticking onto the surface as well. The kit includes pre-cleaner, drying/polishing cloth and liquid applicator swab.

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