INNOCN N1F-PRO monitor offers affordable portable productivity

Once upon a time, working mobile meant trying to prioritize the real estate on a (read: small) laptop monitor. Luckily those days are behind us, as companies like China-based INNOCN are utilizing advances in technology and economies of scale to produce stunningly slim and high-definition portable monitors at affordable prices. Like the new N1F-PRO.

Rather than looking like a dreary generic black slab, this 15.6-monitor’s sleek form factor immediately draws attention. It measures less than a quarter of an inch at the thinnest point and weighs just two pounds — less than a litre of milk. Offering vibrant 1080p resolution and IPS technology, content can be viewed at virtually any angle. Eyestrain is reduced too thanks to native anti-glare and low blue light properties.

Rather than using a case or another cumbersome method to prop up, there’s a built-in kickstand that can tilt a maximum 180-degrees. Or the device can also support itself sideways in portrait mode, which is quite handy while reading lengthy emails or documents. In addition, the adjustable base houses a mini HDMI and two USB-C ports on the right side allowing connection to pretty much any Apple or PC computer, tablet or smartphone.

Simply connect the latter with the provided cable to say a new MacBook and get up and running immediately. Those still running older computers worry not: the box includes an HDMI cord and AC adapter as well. A pair of discreet onboard speakers means users can also hook up a video game console or Blu-ray player, though don’t expect home theatre levels of sound.

On the opposite side of the stand are buttons to change things like brightness and contrast. Alternatively try using a finger to on the 10-point touchscreen (only works if being powered via USB, unfortunately).

There are no other real complaints other than having some kind of travel cover included would be nice to protect the glass when thrown into a bag or backpack, and maybe a stylus to prevent fingerprints and other distracting smudges during use. That said, a nice quality cleaning cloth is bundled with the unit.

The INNOCN N1F-PRO is currently priced at $249.99 USD and is available at For a limited time save $50 off using the promo code N1F20INC.

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