Planted Expo Vancouver showcases vegan lifestyle

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Over Nov. 20 and 21, Planted Expo took over Vancouver Convention Centre West — the biggest annual plant-based exhibition in Canada — featuring over 200 vegan-forward businesses under one roof.

The alternative animal-free foods movement has been growing in mainstream popularity the last few years, evidenced by even global restaurant chains like A&W embracing items like Beyond Meat, and the many masked-up and vaccinated enthusiast attendees packing the venue on the weekend to check out the many booths.

“We see this as an incredible time in history when there are more people than ever interested in learning how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle,” said Stevan Mirkovich, co-owner and chief relational officer, in a news release.

“Hosting the Planted Expo in 2021, and finally returning to a live format where individuals can interact, emphasizes how we must begin to look at change within ourselves and how it can impact the world around us. The speakers we have gathered and the brands at the event provide many opportunities for attendees to learn the many ways they can introduce a plant-based lifestyle into their own lives.”

What would such a show be without samples? Exhibitors offered up everything from gelato to faux-squid for visitors to enjoy, and some like nutritional gummy producer Herbaland had various games to play giving away prizes to lucky winners. Mexican proved a popular theme: local Big Mountain Foods for example served up delicious tacos using its CauliCrumble Veggie Grounds.

A full panel of experts in the culinary, naturopathic and fitness industries were also present to speak on veganism and general healthy living. Among the leading voices on stage was Ultraman World Championship athlete Rich Roll sharing his impressive dietary journey, and author of six vegan cookbooks Dreena Burton talking about the benefits plant-based cooking.

Formerly known as Veg Expo, the popular event is also setting up for two days in Toronto this coming March. Visit the website for more information.

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