Coolest Aeroplan loyalty program rewards

Aeroplan card

Believe it or not, Aeroplan, one of Canada’s favourite travel loyalty programs created by Air Canada, has been around for thirty years. With the advent of technology, redeeming Aeroplan points means no longer having to flip through a paper catalogue. The rewards themselves have also expanded and changed with the times, now encompassing everything from educational items to the latest smartphones. Here are some examples that deserve special mention.


One of the newest rewards is the ability to convert Aeroplan points into $250 credit increments at, a program that allows for such conversion from participating loyalty programs. The credits can then be used to offset post-secondary education, meal plans and residence fees in Canada.

Note: an account must be created at, and users should check if the university or college is supported before doing so. Aeroplan redemptions are non-refundable, non-transferrable and are valid for two years following the original transaction.


Enrique Iglesias

At the start of the year, Aeroplan launched a new tiered recognition program called Distinction that recognizes top mile-accumulating members, offering them special benefits and rewards. One of those is dExclusive auction house, where members can use their Miles to bid on really cool getaways and merchandise.

At the time of writing, there are two tickets up for grabs to see Canadian professional tennis player Vasek Pospisil compete at the Davis Cup World Group playoff in Halifax; a 10-day excursion to South Africa for two, via Business Class, to experience safaris, vineyard tours, and more; and, if you’re a die-hard Enrique Iglesias fan, even a framed autographed and personalized photo for your personal collection.



What better way to browse and book your next vacation than using a brand new computer? For 270,500 Aeroplan points, a shiny Apple 27-inch iMac featuring a blazing fast Intel quad-core processor, NVIDIA graphics and a thin 5-millimetre form factor can be yours.

The Mac is at the upper end of the scale — there’s a perfectly practical refurbished Dell Latitude notebook with 2 GB of ram and a 160 GB hard drive for 47,000 Miles; or if you prefer portability, redeem 66,000 points and pick up a Toshiba Encore 2 10-inch Windows tablet.

This is just a small glimpse of what’s possible with your Aeroplan points. You can find countless other unique items across the board by visiting the Aeroplan website. And, if you’re feeling particularly philanthropic, you can always donate your Miles to a worthwhile charity or campaign of your choosing.

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