Dealership experience goes online with launch of Cadillac Live digital showroom

cadillac live tablet

Going to browse a car in person at a dealership is so 2018. Instead, hop on your phone, tablet or laptop and schedule a tour of Cadillac’s new Canadian-exclusive virtual showroom experience, Cadillac Live.

Launched just a couple of weeks ago, the luxury brand held a presentation here in B.C. at the opulent Shangri-La hotel in downtown Vancouver. James Nava, national marketing and communications manager, was on hand to explain the reasoning behind offering this digital service.

cadillac live james nava

“We have all these cool stories in terms of product and technology but the problem is people aren’t coming to the dealership like they used to. It was common before to go to five or six dealerships when making a decision now they’re maybe going to one, if we’re lucky two dealerships. How do we tell our story when people are visiting and getting into the vehicles less and less than they ever have before?” said Nava.

“So we really challenged ourselves: could we go back and look at if we were to reinvent the luxury shopping experience today, what would that look like?”

cadillac live agent

What it looks like is the ability to talk one-on-one to one of eight live agents on the ground at any time, out of a total pool of 22, each equipped with an iPhone X, Osmo Mobile gimbal and Bluetooth headset and working out of an undisclosed facility in the Greater Toronto Area. The 10,000 square-foot former film studio houses up to 10 of the latest vehicles, currently including three XT5s, three XT4s, two Escalades, one CTS and one CT6.

During my demo, I got the chance to speak to a pleasant young staffer by the name of Fareed via a supplied iPad. I was told that although we can see the agents with perfect clarity, they only hear our voices. He addressed me by name, and proceeded to show me all the exterior and interior details of the cars requested. The only thing he was unable to do was fire up the engine due to being in an enclosed space.

cadillac live details

While you’re talking or listening, tapping a small hamburger menu icon in the bottom right corner of the screen brings ups additional information like different paint colour options and available wheel styles.

It may sound like Cadillac is moving away from the brick and mortar model, but it’s quite the opposite. Cadillac Live is online Sunday to Thursday from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. PST, supplementing regular store hours, and if a customer does decide to buy they are directed to a nearby physical location to sign the paperwork. Those logging on after hours can watch pre-recorded clips providing overviews of the lineup.

“I think about my life and I can’t get to a dealership before 9 – by the time I’m home, put the kids to bed it’s 10 p.m. Dealerships are closed but that’s when I can sit down with an iPad, watch the hockey game and talk to an agent about Cadillacs and do my research online,” said Nava.

cadillac live showroom

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